Employment Law

Employment Law


Employment and workplace law can be complicated and confusing, but the professional team of employment lawyers at Lane Buck & Higgins are here to help. We can provide quality legal advice and representation on all aspects of employment law in Perth, the South West and the Wheatbelt regions.


We take the time to listen to your story and inform you on your legal rights, so that you can take the best course of action. Whether it’s discrimination in the workplace, wrongful termination or contract disputes, we will handle your employment law claim with absolute discretion to ensure your rights and reputation is protected.


We provide expert legal advice and representation to employers, employees, contractors and private individuals. Our aim is to provide practical and sound advice and resolve your issues as quickly as possible, with minimum stress and cost to you.

Our employment lawyers can advise on:

  • Contracts of employment
  • Unfair dismissal and wrongful termination
  • Adverse actions and unpaid wage claims
  • Discrimination and harassment claims
  • General employment advice
  • Redundancy entitlements
  • Contract disputes
  • Accidents that occur in the workplace

Employment law for employers

Employment situations can be emotionally draining and difficult to manage. That’s why every business should have a legal partner who can guide them through the complexities as they arise.


Our highly experienced employment lawyers can assist you with the following matters:


  • Drafting employment contracts and policies
  • Employee work performance
  • Termination and redundancies
  • Investigation of complaints
  • Harassment and misconduct
  • Workers compensation issues
  • Misuse of confidential information
  • Complaints to the Fair Work Ombudsman and applications to the Fair Work Commission
  • Breaches of employment or contractor agreements
  • Guidance on the Fair Work Act
  • Defence of Worksafe actions

Employment law for employees

Whether you are negotiating a contract, at the centre of a workplace investigation or you have been discriminated, no matter what your dispute you can rest assured the team at Lane Buck & Higgins will represent your interests to reach a fair and mutually acceptable resolution.


Our employment lawyers have extensive experience representing individuals and advising them on matters regarding:

  • Employment contracts
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Post-employment restrictions and restraints of trade
  • Maternity leave and unpaid entitlements
  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Workers compensation
  • Payment disputes
  • Redundancy
  • Refused parental and sick leave
  • Filing various claims around bullying


Where needed, we can take matters to the Fair Work Commission or Fair Work Ombudsman.

How we can help

If you are an employer or an employee with a situation where unlawful or unfair actions have taken place, you don’t have to go it alone. Our employment lawyers bring a wealth of legal and hands-on experience across all aspects of employment law.


We understand how stressful your situation may be, and our expert legal team can work with you to quickly resolve, negotiate or settle your employment law dispute, in most cases outside of the courtroom.


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